Corona early warning system from NET CHECK

Supported by the Federal Ministry of Health and the Robert Koch Institute

The NET CHECK contact index (CX)

The contact index is a daily calculated value describing the contact behavior for Germany. It is based on statistical determination of contacts from mobile data and corrects a shift in the number of contacts caused by superspreading. In other words, people who have a very large number of contacts. The origin of the contact index can be vividly described.

Fourth wave: Return to the effective contact numbers of the summer is necessary!

The strong increase in effective contact numbers in recent weeks (see contact index) points to a significant increase in effective reproduction numbers followed by a strong increase in incidence in the coming weeks. Model results suggest that a massive outbreak of infection may occur in December if current conditions continue unchanged. More…

Contact monitor of the RKI is online

Our contact data has been published in the contact monitor of the Robert Koch Institute since the beginning of October.

New study on contact index published in PNAS

Mobile phone data have been used in many SARSCoV-2 analyses during the current pandemic, but often with limited value in terms of infection rates. Previously used evaluations were mostly based on aggregated mobility. However, this is potentially misleading because, for example, the movement of a motorist does not necessarily have to lead to an infection-relevant contact. Data scientists and physicians from the Berlin-based company NET CHECK GmbH, the Hasso Plattner Institute in Potsdam and the Charité Universitätsmedizin Berlin are now presenting a method for using the data in a new way in the journal PNASMore. . .

Federal emergency brake failed? Early warning system shows what measures have achieved so far

The federal emergency brake has been in force again in Germany for a week. It is intended to contain the pandemic and reduce the incidence of infection. NET CHECK data experts analyze how effective the measures agreed with it are and how this affects the spread of the virus.

Link to our analysis…

More (publication available only in German)…

Interview with Dr. Sten Rüdiger. (publication available only in German)…

Corona-risik in the supermarket? Almost every third contact happens while shopping!

An analysis by our data specialists now brings supermarkets and discounters into play. More information about the analysis of mobile data by NET CHECK can be found at FOCUS Online: More (publication available only in German)…

Curfews are effective!

Curfew works! NET CHECK analysis of contact events in Bavarian counties shows that the #contact index can be reduced by up to four points through curfews (10 pm-5 am). This means a reduction of the R-value by approx. 5%.

Corona early warning system. Contact index predicts infects behavior until end of February.

Our COVID19 early warning project is featured again this month on FOCUS Online. More about our contact index can be found under the following link! More (publication available only in German)…