From data acquisition to end-to-end analysis, NET CHECK offers all services from a single source!

Mobile Network Optimization

The effective and efficient management of wireless network capabilities and resources is a key challenge that all network operators face. Making the most of your investments in network technology will create a competitive advantage and increase the sustainability of your infrastructure investment.

Often, the solution is not to build antennas or to change their alignment. By using experienced specialists in the field of radio network optimization, we are able to achieve considerable improvements with existing resources through mere parameter adaptation. And should this not be sufficient, we will of course be happy to support your site location/site acquisition efforts.

We will be pleased to present you the product tailored to your needs in a personal conversation with our optimization experts. We know that the network optimization by NET CHECK strengthens the sustainability of network infrastructure investments and increases customer satisfaction.


Mobile Network Audits Benchmarking

Audits to assess the quality of networks from the customer’s perspective represent a fundamental element of our services. Independent and qualified benchmarks give our customers a market view/indication of their position in the market and support them in directing investments with the target of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction.

Our innovative concepts are constantly adapted to current & future technical requirements and provide statistically accurate, precise and valid results. In long-term partnerships, among others with the magazine CHIP, we regularly publish corresponding reports.

Analytics, Data Mining and Reporting

Data analysis and visualization of data obtained are based on the objectives underlying the respective measurement concept. We create individual evaluations for different requesters. Our management, marketing as well as technical evaluations deliver quick and clear statements to different needs.

Technical evaluations give detailed information about the quality of system components as well as the performance of entire networks. In management and marketing reports, we provide an overview of core statements of the performance of the own network and comparative data of the competitors.

Our Offer includes, among other things, the creation and execution of:

  • KPI Evaluations

  • GIS based data processing

  • Benchmark Reports

  • Trend Analyses

  • Call by Call Analyses

  • Customer-Specific Evaluations

  • Optimization suggestions

Special Projects & Consulting

Leveraging our strong competence in the area of network evaluation and optimization, we consult our customers in strategic expansion planning and development of their mobile networks.

We recruit our consulting teams from our network of international experts, including numerous specialists and project managers in the fields of RAN technologies, RF planning, RNO, OMC support, CORE engineering etc. Our interdisciplinary stronghold is strengthened by our close in-house cooperation with NC PLAN and NC SYSTEMS. This allows us to respond individually to the specific needs of our customers at any time and provide them with competent and experienced services in quickly and in a flexible manner.

Software Development

In order to process the increasing amounts of data from different sources efficiently, automation becomes key. Big Data analysis as well as the production of well-founded reports/evaluations is very resource intensive.

Standard solutions are often not powerful enough or important functions are missing. Our customer-specific software solutions help with the realization of daily analyses and reporting tasks.

The following reports are supported:

  • KPI Reports

  • GIS based Data Processing

  • Benchmark Reports

  • Trend Analyses

  • Call by Call Analyses

  • Customized Reports

  • Reports with optimization recommendations

Our software solutions complement your existing product landscape and help you efficiently manage your daily tasks.