NET CHECK works with its customers to plan, run and optimize their mobile networks to increase performance, customer satisfaction, market position and return on investment. Established during the fast growth of the mobile communications market in the nineties, NET CHECK has established itself as a competent, reliable and flexible key player in the market.

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Mobile benchmark measurement report
Serbia, Juli 2022

NET CHECK performed the national benchmark in Serbia, which proves the availability of excellent mobile network services nationwide.
To determine the quality of Serbian mobile networks, NET CHECK performed an extensive measurement with over 200 h in cities and connecting roads. Telekom Srbija shows best overall performace. With this measurement, Telekom Srbija received a Certificate for the best network.
The report is available here.

Mobile benchmark measurement report
Slovenia, April-May 2022

Continuing with checking the quality of mobile networks, NET CHECK has conducted the benchmark network test in Slovenia, where all operators showed high performance. Wherein a close race among competitors A1 showed the best results and took the title of the best network in Slovenia.
More details can be found here.

Mitmachen beim CHIP-Festnetztest 2023

Testing landline connections is a complex task and we need your help. You can now contact support@thenetcheck.com and take part in the CHIP landline test 2023. More details about our campaign with our partner CHIP can be found here.

Mobile Benchmark 2022: Czech Republic and Slovakia

Following our benchmark schedule, we have returned to Czech Republic and Slovakia to check which operator provides the best network and performance to its customers. Together with our partner CHIP, we have conducted extensive testing of mobile networks in Czech Republic and Slovakia. To find out more details, click on the links below.

Link: Czech Republic,

Link: Slovakia.

Germany’s toughest net test 2021/2022

Telekom, Vodafone and O2 in the Comparison Test

This year again we supported our partner CHIP in the toughest and largest network test in Germany. For this purpose, we travelled across Germany with three measurement teams: on foot, with our special measuring vehicles and in trains. In addition to hundreds of thousands of individual tests with millions of measured values, we collected data about network availability from over 2 million smartphones via crowdsourcing. To the test results: here….

COVID-19 Project

Corona Net Check

Since the beginning of the Corona pandemic, NET CHECK has been analyzing anonymized GPS and mobile phone data and calculating the so-called contact index. It reflects the extent of people’s contacts in the country. More…

Serbia, August 2021

The nationwide benchmark in Serbia, performed by NET CHECK, proves the availability of excellent mobile network services nationwide. All Serbian networks are competitive with most of the European operators. Telekom Srbija shows best performace in all module. To determine the quality of Serbian mobile networks, NET CHECK performed an extensive measurement with over 200 h in cites and connecting roads. The report is available here…

With this measurement, Telekom Srbija received Certificate for the best network in all segments.

Best mobile network 2020/2021: O2, Vodafone, Telekom in the test

Germany’s hardest network test

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O2, Telekom or Vodafone: Who has the best network coverage in these difficult times? Chip mobile phone network test clarifies this question. To determine the availability of local network coverage, our data analysts have evaluated billions of samples, which have provided us with around 2. 25 million users.  More…


Mobile Network Optimization

The effective and efficient management of wireless network capabilities and resources is a key challenge that all network operators face. Making the most of your investments in network technology will create a competitive advantage and increase the sustainability of your infrastructure investment. More…

Mobile Network Audits Benchmarking

Audits to assess the quality of networks from the customer’s perspective represent a fundamental element of our services. Independent and qualified benchmarks give our customers a market view/indication of their position in the market and support them in directing investments with the target of achieving a high level of customer satisfaction. More…

Analytics, Data Mining and Reporting

Data analysis and visualization of data obtained are based on the objectives underlying the respective measurement concept. We create individual evaluations for different requesters. Our management, marketing as well as technical evaluations deliver quick and clear statements to different needs. More…

Special Projects & Consulting

Leveraging our strong competence in the area of network evaluation and optimization, we consult our customers in strategic expansion planning and development of their mobile network. More…

Software Development

In order to process the increasing amounts of data from different sources efficiently, automation becomes key. Big Data analysis as well as the production of well-founded reports/evaluations is very resource intensive. More…